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    Gears not shifting smoothly

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    The last 2 times I rode I noticed my gears are not shifting smoothly. There is a clickity sound and resistance to get into new gear. Do you think I just need a tune up? Is there something I can do myself to help with this?

    I scheduled a fitting for Wednesday so maybe they can check it then??

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    It may simply be shifter cable stretch. Do you know if the the failure of the chain movement is at the front with the chain rings or with the rear cassette-- or both? There are many terrific YouTube videos you can watch on adjusting the front and/or rear derailleur cables. You can determine if you want to attempt to do it yourself prior to your bike fitting. I'd phone ahead if you will want extra time for the shop to take a look. Have been using chain lube?

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    Your derailleur needs adjusting. As above, if this is on a new bike, likely caused by new cables stretching with little use. Should take your bike shop about a minute to correct, but while you're in there, have them show you how it's done. Not a big deal.



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