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    Becoming/being, disabled?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pax View Post
    Seems there's a few of us here, I'm curious about people's stories, how did you get here, what was the precipitating event?

    If you're gonna ask the question you have to being willing to go first:

    I still live in the land of denial, still have that magical thinking that someday I'll be my old badass self again. I became a firefighter back in the early 80's, there were less than a 100 women worldwide in the profession working fulltime, I was one of those few. The gear didn't fit, you pushed through injuries so as not to be seen as a "pu***", you put up with crap that would get everyone and their brother sued nowadays... all because the job was awesome and more importantly, best. job. ever. But I sure pay for it now; after six knee surgeries I have a new knee that doesn't work right. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat, what I did mattered, there are people alive because I did a good job, it doesn't get any more important, any better, than that.

    But, now I'm sort of disabled (I meet the criteria but won't let my doc submit the paperwork yet), there are so many things I can't do anymore, something as simple as putting on my socks requires planning. Surely not where I thought I'd be at this time in my life.

    How about you?
    I've read most all of the replies as well -
    You're a true female hero Firewoman!

    I understand how you feel. I too have been active these 55 years.
    I understand the depression one feels when the love of movement is stopped or taken away, as movement is who you are!
    I had a meniscectomy (knee Cartledge removal) about 3 years ago, which is far easier than what you've endured. However, I to am unable to do some things i use to do - which totally sucks.

    I research a lot and found some advances & a huge percent of athletes getting are used these, one being 'Menaflex' it is a meniscus implant - it's the cushion for the knee, you may want to look into this as there is probably new advances for the entire knee.

    Do some research or call your doctor & tell them you want to know all new advances for 'Athletes' knees!!!

    Until then get your arse into some type of routine with what You CanDo!

    Each of us as we get older has something. Know I also have lower lumbar scoliosis, my back looks like the number 5 - because a doctor didn't catch it when I was young, & at 43 I found out I was suppose to be two inches taller - trust me I would have liked the height!
    Instead I have one leg longer than the other (no wonder my knees always hurt) & I live with back pain everyday!
    I will not take drugs I use natural muscle relaxers from herbs - yes they work enough.

    Most importantly try!
    Please just Do Not Give Up!


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    Quote Originally Posted by salsabike View Post
    I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to use an electric-assist bike if I needed to for physical reasons. The assist doesn't kick in until the sensor feels the rider applying a lot of pressure, so I doubt it would make anyone lazy. I would hope that people who could keep riding with an e-bike, but might not be able to without one, would try it before they make any decision pro or con.
    I'm with you. I'm a huge proponent of e-bikes - I've seen first-hand how it has allowed my dad, who has a ton of health problems, to keep riding. My last trip over there (Netherlands), we both rented e-bikes for a week-long bike trip in Germany (he didn't want to haul his own e-bike to the start). It was the first time I'd ridden one, and it was really nice! The one I rode had 3 levels of assist, and I only used the lowest for most of our rides. It was a nice equalizer, because he could kick in a higher assist level and could comfortably ride at the same pace. We had a couple of sections that were steep and with horrible cobblestones, and it sure was nice to have some extra assist there, because all my attention went to trying to keep my balance on those dratted things and I didn't have to worry about at the same time having to push super hard to keep my speed.

    If I had a hilly or longer commute to work, I would definitely consider buying an e-bike so I wouldn't arrive all sweaty (we had such a hot summer here in Utah). And also if I at some point develop physical limitations.

    I think the resistance to e-bikes in the US is in part because here many folks still consider cycling purely an athletic activity (and feel the electric assist is "cheating"). In Europe, cycling is considered by most a mode of transportation and travel, or a way to enjoy nature and go sightseeing, and not primarily an athletic endeavor. The e-bikes are one way to make it more convenient/enjoyable.

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    That's probably true, Bike Dutchess, but I would rather just do my athletic activity more slowly (which I already do now, at times) or find something else for fitness if I had some kind of injury that was purely cycling related. I commute and I also do a lot of "smell the roses" rides. I don't necessarily do these rides at my fastest speed, but I feel that I am still getting exercise, as say, opposed to sitting on the couch eating fried food....
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    Thanks for the kind words, carolynzzz.

    I no longer have a real knee, just titanium and plastic, so nothing left for them to fix. Weird how it still manages to hurt all the time anyway.

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    Wasn't aware of the meniscus pad/implant. My partner has this knee problem for past 3 decades. As he gets older, he's now finding it difficult to arc his leg over the bike to mount it. So he will have to look into a lower top bike tube ...

    Speed hasn't been important to me for the past decade or more. Sure it's a minor personal benchmark on certain routes at spring compared to fall....of how I've rebuild fitness. Just for my own knowledge. I think it also depends where you live how your body adjusts. My partner (who is 73), had a terrible cold and chest infection in spring which really weakened him.

    When he returned to prairies from Vancouver this summer, he was able to amp up his health/fitness and distance ....because Calgary is several hundred metres higher at elevation than Vancouver..but you wouldn't know it because we're in the prairies. I found myself when returning to Vancouver for 1 wk. in early spring, wondering why I was able to do certain hills not too badly in spring when in Calgary I had been only doing short baby rides all winter.

    So for athletes..especially in winter sports..better to train cross country skiing and other endurance stuff by blending prairies, Rocky Mountain training/ running and how to train in more extreme temperatures.

    Since my partner is older than I (I'm 57), I've seen over the years how he adjusts to slowness due to aging. At minimum he tries to cycle 30-40 km. per day so far. If he doesn't , no big deal. And he also rides solo (I'm at work except for weekends) which probably helps him psychologically by NOT benchmarking against others in a group.

    I'm very similar to him....I seldom ride in a group. I enjoy riding with him or if I'm lucky, occasionally with a friend or on my own schedule. For latter, I can't wait around for someone else's schedule to meet mine.
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    For those who might be concerned about the weight of an ebike. I just saw that Bike Friday is coming out with a new ebike that weighs in at 33lbs.
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