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    Pokemon funsters, cycling and cycling pokemon players

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    And yesterday evening:

    *After a pleasant short hot ride with friend, we sat in a downtown nice popular park. There were 100 people scattered about eating, some talking and others on iPhone. Some were playing Pokémon...you could hear them talk while others clearly looked like wandering. My friend showed me the start of game, ...dressing up the avatar in your choice garb, skin colour, etc.

    *this evening on the local Internet cycling forum, some local cyclists were complaining a crowd of pokemon players in a park plaza and spilling into pedestrian bike path @11:00 pm ! This is not too far from home. They claim they also noticed 1-2 cycling pokemon players, cycling and playing.

    I seriously will not get into this game on bike and on foot, probably with a child as an adult to engage fun and keep the child safe in a small protected area. For past few decades, I already am the type of person that does visit historic sites, museums, public art that other people are discovering via Pokémon. Already I can see this for tourists.....too..
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    Husband, daughter and I have been playing. It is especially fun in Rapid City because all of the president statues on every corner are pokestops. So is the building where I work. In the evenings it is fun to meet all the people out to play. People alert others to where the rare ones can be found. I have had to use my bell a bit more than usual on the bike path because of small knots of players intent on the game. Really, though, it is getting people outside because you can't play it at a keyboard in your house.
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    Meh, I don't get it. I guess it's nice that it's getting people outside, but I really deplore video games. In fact, I don't even like board games.
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    Already read some 20 yo crashed his bike while playing pokeman and broke his arm. They are also putting other people in danger. grrr!!!



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