Any advice other than "get over it" would be helpful ! I am new to cycling. I say new because I can't ride over 32 mph downhill, I can't get into my aero bars without gripping fear which makes me pop right back out, and I can't U turn left. I have completed 4 Ironman triathlons on a tri bike barely ever getting into aero ! - what a waste right ? I ride and ride and ride outside and feel a little more comfy at the end of each season than at the start, but no where near as comfy as the 60+ year old women who cycle past me tucked nicely into aero. Is there any advice on how I can either drill or strength train or something so I don't feel so nervous? So I don't feel like I need to steer the bike with my hands ? I have seriously thought about two shots of tequila before my next ride to relax - but my husband doesn't like that idea too much.