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    Quote Originally Posted by Crankin View Post
    I live in fear of flats. I can do the tire part, but I have great difficulty getting the back wheel back on, the derailleur, etc. and remembering how to use the CO2 cartridge/inflator. I know all of the tricks, but the fear was paralyzing me. I got Gatorskins 3 years ago and I have not had a flat since then. I feel more confident about riding alone now.
    I used to have the Conti 4000s, which were super easy to get off and on.
    It's funny, I do fine with changing my tires at home, but I don't like to do it out on the road. In fact, changing tires sometimes makes me feel empowered (look! I can take care of myself!) and unless I have to be somewhere at a certain time it's almost relaxing. I've done it several times while out and about, and I'm fine if I'm by myself. But when I'm with a group I feel rushed and like everyone is looking at me. OR I'm taking long enough that guys jump in and offer to help. Or even when I'm by myself motorists will stop and offer to help, but then when I decline just sit and stare at me to make sure its ok. I appreciate the kindness and concern, but no clue why it makes me nervous to change tires when strangers are watching!

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    I'm better at home with no time constraints. I get so nervous, I have trouble remembering the steps to take. I am like this with anything mechanical, that isn't verbally mediated.
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    I used 23mm gatorskins for a long time. My new bike came with some other kind of tires that were 26mm. Maybe I'm inattentive but I don't really notice a huge difference (or maybe it's because I spent so much time figuring out the brake and seat post problems.

    However, I will mention that it's been much easier to use the folding tires than the the non-folding tires. I once spent 30 minutes at home trying to get new tires on and finaly took the wheels to the shop. My hands just weren't strong enough to get them over that set of rims. Or if you're switching out the tires anyway. They cost a little more but they are so much easier to handle.
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    I think I mentioned earlier that the new Conti Grand Prix 25 mm tires where a tiny bit wider than the Mavic 25mm tires that they replaced, and I know this because the new front tire is slightly wider than the front brake pads so I have to push the wheel a bit to get it on and off. Well I shouldn't have been surprised on Saturday when I was getting ready to ride and noticed one of the brake pads had been knocked perpendicular to the way it's supposed to be. It was just a loose screw, and as I was at the start of a metric that was organized by my club, there was a mechanic there helping people with last-minute problems. So he tightened it and made sure it was positioned correctly. Then he adjusted the brakes to widen the brake pads a little. In hindsight, I should have done that myself when I first got the new tires. The brake pads were set pretty narrowly because I prefer them that way -- less pulling on the lever to stop on steep down hills.

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