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    Crankin - my cousins in and around Boston tried to convince my brother and I to move out there for years, but most of them had to move to NH or other far out destination to be able to afford a house. The old family home in Melrose sold for 500k, same house in IL probably 150k. The first house we bough was in 2000 and it was $64,500; however, I think we earn less than people on the coast do? For example, a Masters level therapist in an agency would make mid 50's and in private practice with a full four day client load would make mid 70's.

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    Well, generally salaries here are higher in all fields, but what you quoted is different for master's level therapists. First of all, very few clinic/agency jobs are full time salary; they are fee for service jobs at a very low rate of reimbursement. What happened is that we all basically get paid close to the Mass Health rate of reimbursement, since we've had health care for all, starting in 2002. This is way lower than private insurance reimburses. So, a full time 4 day clinician would make a bit less less than 50K. However, private practitioner salaries are way more than 70K, partly because most of them don't even accept insurance, charge between 150 and 300 per session, with some sliding scales. There are enough people here who can pay this and don't want any "record" of seeing a mental health practitioner. I have struggled with this idea. I am too lazy to apply for insurance panels and do the business aspect of a practice. I also feel a little conflicted about charging that much money, kind of unethical. But, everyone does it. There are group practices where I could earn 80-90 per hour and still have someone to do the business work, but for right now, I am sticking with the clinic, as I have a wide variety of people. I did make more money as a teacher, than in AZ, though. It was more that the upper end of the salary scale was much higher. We also had a professional work day, i.e. we didn't have to stay at school after the kids left, which for me, was good, as I got there super early to do my planning. It was just more professional, overall.
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