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    Trackstanding, hanging onto 1 handlebar, while iphone scrolling with other

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    I'm sure the young woman cyclist (probably in her 20's or early 30's), was cheekily just showing off abit:

    Today she and I were both cycling in a separate cycle track downtown in light car traffic. At red traffic light, she balanced trackstanding on her bike (which had a few gears, not just a fixie), then dropped left hand off her handlebar and reached in her knapsack side pocket for her iPhone. While still trackstanding and hanging onto bike on only 1 handlebar, she was scrolling up and down her thumb on the iPhone screen with left hand.

    I noticed she carried 2 small hula hoops on her knapsack that looked acrobatic, colourful ....a clue that maybe she was already athletic in another sport. She was small under 5 ft. and petite with strong leg muscles.

    For once, I thought it was fun she showed off abit. You don't see women commuters showing off lightly in that way. Excellent balance.

    The traffic light was over 1 min. long.
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    is cirque du soleil in town?

    a good sense of equilibrium and especially being relaxed ftw. You can control the front wheel and a brake with one hand easily enough. Did the road have even a slight upward incline where she was? That makes it easier with a freewheel. It’s easier on my fixie ….I just instinctually shift a little pressure between pedals and use the front wheel to stay balanced and upright. I can feel the moments that would allow me to let go of the handlebars and stand/sit upright for a moment but I don’t feel the need to do that very often at all...even for fun! I do track stands mostly at just stop signs and when I want to feel that concentration on my fixie. There’s a lot of fixie riders here so maybe the influence to do track stands is higher.
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    I'm old, but not too old to try new tricks. Been mostly a roadie all my life, but may give it a try on the fat bike.



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