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    Help me build this bike?

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    I just bought a frame and am about to embark on building it myself. I work in the world of bicycle advocacy but have never done a build. That basically makes me passionate but mechanically ignorant. Want to help?

    I've got someone who can help me assemble the bike, but because of budget, I'm hoping to buy used parts. Can you help me figure out what parts are compatible together???

    Here's what I have so far:
    Frame/Fork- All City Space Horse
    Wheels- Salsa Delgado Cross with hub and cassette
    Shifters- Tiagra 4600 10 speed
    Crank- Tiagra 10 speed
    Brakes- Tektro CR720

    Need- derailleurs, seatpost, handlebars, stem, cables, cable housing, chain. What else?

    Is everything looking compatible so far?

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    May 2013
    north woods of Wisconsin
    Is your Tiagra crank a compact (a double) or is it a triple? What range of gears will you be running? That can affect the cage length needed on the rear derailleur. Your setup guy should be able to advise you on that.

    You can use Tiagra or the older 10 speed 105 or even the older 10 speed Ultegra derailleurs (current 105 and Ultra are now 11speed), but cost goes up in a hurry. However, you might find a closeout on the older 10 speed versions of 105 or Ultra, so shop around. Unless you really plan to pile on the miles, though, Tiagra will do fine for your derailleurs and it is quite affordable.

    On the handlebars, check to make sure you get the proper width. For some of us gals, the standard widths are a bit too wide.

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    Mrs. KnottedYet
    Ah, the story of nearly all of our bikes. And a good read;

    Fancy Schmancy Custom Road bike ~ Mondonico Futura Legero
    Found on side of the road bike ~ Motobecane Mixte
    Gravel bike ~ Salsa Vaya
    Favorite bike ~ Soma Buena Vista mixte
    Folder ~ Brompton
    N+1 ~ My seat on the Rover recumbent tandem



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