I've recently taken up cycling and am very keen to start making better use of the beautiful scenery we have here in Ireland. I am however still a little overweight and out of shape, even though I've come a long way. I basically want to set something up at home that's going to help me lose that last bit of weight, tone-up and prepare myself for hitting the tarmac. Swimming has helped me a lot but I find jogging was putting a bit of strain on my knees. I've thought abut getting a spin bike but thought that maybe a cross trainer would be better to help me get toned. Whatever I buy, I could really do with making sure that it is going to help towards my riding as at the moment, when I get on a bike, I'm done in far too quickly and start to cramp up. Any suggestions on what might be best for my situation? Suppose I could just get one of those stands that I can fit my bike to so I can practice riding indoors under more controlled conditions. Would be easier to take a rest then and build-up my fitness gradually. Think I definitely need to incorporate some kind of regime though that gets me working the whole body.