Hi everyone-

Another saddle question... I've tried to ferret out info from older threads but my question might be more "specialized" (pardon the the pun) and I haven't seen what I'm looking for exactly.

I have been successfully riding on Specialized saddles for most of the last 6 years. On my Ruby road bike I used a Jett for about 4 or 5 years, and when it pretty much wore out, I transferred it to my Surly and replaced it with an Oura. That saddle was still in good shape when the bike was stolen in January. My new Ruby came with the Ruby saddle but I have gone back to an Oura - for several reasons but mainly because it was making irritating clicking noises, and also I felt like the slight extra padding on the Oura was more comfortable. The shop just replaced it and said they could send it back on warranty!

I haven't had any problems with chafing or discomfort with the Jett or Oura, other than my behind/ sit bones just getting tired of sitting on a saddle after 50 or 60 miles or whatever. I have cut-outs but don't know if I actually need them. My first bike didn't have a cut out and I never noticed it but I swapped out the saddle for a gel saddle eventually.

Now the old Jett saddle is just completely trashed and falling apart so I need to replace it. My position is more upright on the Surly, and I was thinking of trying a Brooks. Right now, I mostly use it for going to the store and doing errands or if my road bike is in the shop, but we imagine we will do some touring in the future.

But here the main question...if I go for a Brooks, which one would be most similar to what I'm using now? The regular B-17? Or....? Or should I just get another Oura for the Surly bike? They are similar in price, although I do have a credit at REI I could apply to the Brooks...

Any thoughts are welcome.