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Thread: Frame pump?

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    Well I looked at frame pumps this weekend. Unfortunately the Road Morphs won't work for me. Most frame pumps have a bracket that attaches under the water bottle cage, so the pump sits next to the bottle. The guy at REI said that the Road Morphs used to come with a bracket like this. But now the bracket is different so you have to choose between carrying the Road Morph or having a water bottle cage. I need the water bottle cage. The other option is to zip tie the bracket under the top tube. But my top tube has a cable running under it and I don't want to have to mess with a pump bracket possibly interfering with the cable. Also it would cheesy.

    I also looked at two Lezyne frame pumps. I think one was the one Rebecca mentioned. When not in use a short hose stores inside it.


    But there are plastic caps on each end which came off a little too easily for me -- I thought I'd end up losing them.

    So I ended up buying a version of this one (without a pressure gauge).


    I tried it out on my front wheel (the one that now has an annoyingly short stem) and it worked easily enough. It's also quite light. I haven't put it on the bike yet. I think it will look a bit odd, since doesn't look like a typical frame pump. I'm working on getting over that. Because after all the pump I currently use looks perfectly normal but it took too many attempts to get it properly attached to the stem, so this is a case where function > form.

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    Definitely an interesting design, i like it and the size. Looks are nice but being well made, stable in use and with good pumping efficiency is more nice. Hoping it works well for you!!

    Mine’s the ‘pressure drive (cfh)’ the only difference with the small size in your link is it also lets you use a CO2 cartridge with the flex hose. Same plastic end caps though but I bought a rebuild seal kit with it that also has two more end caps. I just like using CO2 when out riding more than pumping…for me the pump is just a back up while on the road.
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