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Thread: Trying shorts

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    Trying shorts

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    Where do you try on different brands and styles of shorts/bibs? My LBS has a limited selection - they carry a lot of Pearl Izumi styles, a couple Bontrager styles, and that's about it. Another bike shop in town (the one where I bought my bike, actually) has a few mens' clothes and next to nothing for women. Do you have favorite online merchants with generous return policies? I hate to commit to buying shorts I've never tried on, as a lot of styles are an immediate NOPE once I've got them on. And I don't really want to waste a whole bunch of money in shipping, either.

    I wonder if there are any subscription bike clothing services, like StitchFix, where they send you a selection of different things and you pick if you want to keep any or not. That should be a thing, if it's not already!

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    How generous a return policy are you looking for? I will only return bike shorts (or most any clothes) if I have not actually worn them other than the few minutes I spend trying them on. Once I've worn them for a bike ride I keep them even if I hate them. The only exception is if there's a defect.

    Bontrager does offer a 30-day comfort guarantee on their bike accessories, and I think that also applies to their clothes. If so you could wear their shorts and then return them if you don't like them. But you'd want to confirm that in advance because I'm not sure the guarantee applies to clothes.

    Unfortunately I do end up having to return a lot of bike shorts that I buy online because they don't fit right or just look awful. I've learned over the years to look for certain features to improve the odds that I'll like what I buy -- at least 8" long (9" is better if I can find it), seamless chamois with a shape and size similar to ones I've found comfortable, wide or tulip waistband. But as you say, some are still and immediate NOPE when I try them.

    The shorts that Team Estrogen sells are all brands and styles that have worked well for many of their customers over the years, so if you haven't looked there yet you should. If you're not sure about sizing you can call or email them for specific advice -- have your measurements ready.

    Also if you have an REI near you, they have a good selection of women's bike clothes and carry some different brands in addition to PI.

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    I'm not looking to wear them and then return them, just try them on. Preferably without spending a ton on shipping to me, and back, if they don't fit right. I can usually tell from looking if a pair is going to be too short, or if the band around the bottom looks like it will squeeze too tight. But I never know how a particular chamois is going to feel before I try on, and sometimes they just don't cover the right spots, or sometimes there's unexpected sausage leg. I've even seen some in person that I didn't have to try on, the fabric just *felt* weird - almost fuzzy, not a slick spandex type fabric.

    I don't want to take advantage of a business by any means, but if they can provide me with the opportunity to find the right pair of shorts without unnecessary headaches in the return process, I'm going to become a loyal customer.

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    Team Estrogen - narrower selection than they used to have (*sniff), but still have Shebeest (which is my favorite) - reasonable shipping, good service, and reasonable return policies
    REI - Selection can vary widely (they do sometimes have Shebeest and other brands I like), but shipping is usually free and can be returned to a store; generous return policy
    Terry - love or return it guarantee; shipping sometimes free if you sign up for their emails.
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