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Thread: Mood swings

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    Mood swings

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    Hey everybody

    In recent times I am having problems with my mood - it is swining pretty hard, from good to bad.

    Sometimes it really dips very low ... Does anyone have some medicament recommendation that has no side-effects but works like a mood enhancer. I run into https://liftmode.com/energizing/phenylethylamine.html and was wondering if this could work out?

    Thanks in advance ...

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    I am going out on a limb here, but as a therapist, I am leery of supplements that haven't been vetted by any agency. I am not an MD, but many of these supplements can have very serious side effects.
    There are lots of holistic practices that can help regulate your mood. Sometimes just teaching yourself is fine, but other times, learning them in the context of counseling helps figure out why this is happening, so it's easier to regulate. PM me, if you want to discuss.
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