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    Aug 2006
    Oakland, CA

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    I got my first pair of padded bike shorts in June. For about the first two weeks I wore them, everytime I got out of the saddle they'd get caught and I'd almost moon many carloads of people. Got me into the habit of wearing underpants under my shorts ;-)

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    Aug 2006

    So many tales, so little time

    In reverse chronological order:

    1. Went on a road ride and the only jersey I had was one I wore maybe once. I also had forgotten my sport bra, so had to wear my regular bra. (and by regular, I mean frilly, fancy, and did I mention....see-through?) Can we see where this is going, folks? So as I finish my 45 mile ride and am going back to my car, one of my friends waves me down to say 'hi'. I stop and she says 'gosh, telegirl, you might want to zip up.' I look down and realize that the zipper on this jersey ain't so hot and had unzipped all the way down, leaving me basically riding topless. And I wondered why two different cars of guys stopped to let me ride across the road in front of them.

    2. Road riding and had to pee, so hubby tells me to go over this burm and by the railroad tracks cuz no one will see me. So, I am peeing and I hear this truck coming down the road. Oh, wait, no, it is a truck coming down the RAILROAD TRACKS. He politely waved. It is hard to maintain any sense of dignity in that situation.

    3. Too many slow motion tip-overs at various times because of inattention.

    Ok, there is not enough room on this board to cover all of these, so I will leave some stories for later.....I think almost everything has happened to me- except the oatmeal on the crotch story. I think that one is a first.
    The best rides are the ones where you bite off much more than you can chew--and live through it.

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    Jun 2006
    I had a decent one yesterday. I am learning to ride clipless. I head out for a morning ride yesterday forgetting to account for morning school traffic. I ended up in a spot where 3 school zones meet, so I decided to practice scooching along with the stop and go traffic. I unclipped on the left side and was doing OK. But when I lost momentum and a car was in front of me, I went over to my right. Everything went flying everywhere. I got a booboo on my knee. I felt dumb.

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    Sep 2006
    Oslo, Norway
    Oh, wonderful thread! Here are a few of my own:

    classic: first clipless ride. I've been clipping in and out of those darn pedals all the way home as practice, so I feel I have the hang of it but I've obviously got the right one a bit too tight. So next light I coast to a stop, left foot out, hey - I can do this! And timber over to the right, of course.

    ugly: I'm 16 years old, and have borrowed a bike too small for me to go to the store to buy ice-cream. I'm on my way back, going around a 90 degree turn, and stand up to pedal. The plastic bag I have hanging off one handlebar swings right into the spokes, the front wheel stops dead and I face-plant into the gravel. I broke both upper front teeth (now root canaled) and bit a sizeable hole in my lower lip.

    dorky: coming down a large road at a fairly high speed, lucky, no traffic, music playing on my ear plugs... Cool music, Grease, actually, I start swinging my front wheel in time to the music (honestly, I *never* do this normally). Loud HONK! from a car trying to pass me. Oops, apparently there was some traffic there after all...



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