I finally picked up my fat bike from my LBS (was on lay a way). I got her last week but, have been so sick lately, I never even rode her until this past weekend.

We got some snow in MI, so the hubby and I headed to the trails to ride. What a blast!!! She is like a tank and just rolls over everything in her path. I never though I would like a fat bike but, once I test rode a few, I was hooked!!!

I also went to Kalamazoo last Friday, and signed up to do the Iceman Commeth Challenge bike race in November. I entered the fat bike class with my Hellga. I met a nice woman at the Bell's Eccentric Café sign up party. Her friend and her were having some beers with us at our table, and I found out she has a Specialized Hellga too AND is doing the fat bike class at Iceman. LOL can't wait. I feel better knowing she is doing it too as I was a bit concerned about 27 miles on the fatty. I guess I'll just hope it snows, then we have the advantage!

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