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    fully enclosed bike.

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    Wanted more to see so decided to post here instead of recumbent. Besides these two you are sitting up.

    I really think the one from Sweden is really cute and uber practical. Not sure about how legal it is in US. It's got space for groceries and other amenities.


    IF that isn't enough, the owner takes it on a BMX track/trail.


    and more info on his home page: www.jmk-innovation.se

    It seems so practical and so cute. I would really like to have one. I just wish it had an enclosed floor. ELF was just too big and too clunky.

    I wasn't too thrilled with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb_UpXW1VA8

    Something to think about and not just a cargo bike or a trike such as greenspeed or cattrike.

    Enjoy the cute video.

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    That thing is cool! Can you just imagine fleets of those running around? It could get tons of cars off the roads.

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    How cool is that!! I would never dream of taking my gekko out to a bmx track because it seems so cumbersome. Maybe not?

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