Oak, thank you so much for your post. I had seen something in an old thread about your having cork floors and I was going to ask you how they had held up.

The rooms that will get the new flooring are the living/dining room, bedroom and hallway in between. There is a closet next to the hallway with the washing machine and dryer, so theoretically there could be water damage from the washer in that area, but otherwise I don't have to worry about wet spaces. I had a little trouble at first finding flooring stores that carry a decent selection of cork, but now I've found 3, possibly a fourth, and two have a really good selection of several different brands.

I would like something that comes in planks rather than tiles because that seems more "floor like" to me. The tough part is finding the right color -- ideally I'd like a medium brown, not too light or too dark, with no red undertones. From the cork samples I've seen so far, I think I will end up with something that is a bit lighter or darker than what I had in mind because so far all the medium browns I've seen are pretty red. But even if I end up lighter or darker than originally planned, I think I will be able to find a color that I'm happy with.

Oh and incidentally there now is a "For Sale" sign in front of my building, so I'm assuming the unit upstairs is for sale. I haven't been able to find a listing online for it yet. The crazy person in me wants to call the realtor to say that if either the buyer or seller has plans to replace the hardwood floor, I would like to pay for a soundproofing layer underneath. The current floor was refinished less than 10 years ago, so most likely there won't be any changes made to it, but I would kick myself if they did rip up the floors and I was not able to take advantage of the opportunity. Anyway, right now I am crossing my fingers that the new owner is a reasonable person who understands apartment living.

And here's a happy story from the big storm, as we continue to deal with icy sidewalks where people fall and hurt themselves... someone I work with had planned a trip to southern California the same weekend as the storm. Her flight out of town was the night before it hit. Her return flight was cancelled due to the weather, so she ended up staying a couple of extra days at a very nice hotel with very nice weather. Yes it cost her a bit more but she does not regret it because she had a great time. Meanwhile her college-age daughter was back home the whole time, and their neighbor helped shovel her out and made sure she was okay despite the bad weather.