I'm very impressed by True and Co. and wanted to mention them here. I purchased a couple of regular bras from them in August. I've a small band & large cup, really online is the only place I can find one that comes close to fitting. Personally I happen to like "t-shirt" bras as I find them more comfortable, my skin is rather sensitive. I've noticed recently that one of them are curling up at the edge of the cup and I was unhappy - it wasn't cheap and I only bought it in August!

Out of the blue today I received an email from True & Co with a promo code for a new bra. They said it had come to their attention that bra I bought had a construction problem that made the cup-curling problem likely and they wanted to offer me a brand new $57 bra for free! Of course it was the same model, which was fine since I really like it (check out their "A Space Girl's Dream Full Coverage"). They have several lines of full coverage/non-Victoria's Secret style (nothing wrong with those, just not MY style). Also if you take their fitting survey they keep track of the results and present you with options they think will fit. Free returns.

I'm just really impressed that they acknowledged a problem and took action to address it WITHOUT a complaint! Here is the website if you're interested.