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Shop at TeamEstrogen.com for women's cycling apparel.

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    Mrs. KnottedYet

    A $5.00 sale, and a loss.

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    I've always loved Harlot gear. Made in USA, looks good off the bike and functions fabulously on the bike. Where else, at 60 years old, can I have "Harlot" emblazoned on my butt? Guess now I'll have to get that tattoo.

    Just saw that they are going out of business:


    So if you see a small, local, independent company you love, buy something. Even socks. Hey, right here on TE. See above where it says "click to shop"?
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    It is sad. It seems like Sheila Moon is not making new stuff anymore, either. Not out of business, but what's for sale is not new. She's off camping in Mexico, most of the time, so I guess the priority has changed. Her stuff fit me!
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    I order most of my bike gear from TE - looking forward to their restock after their move - which should be soon!
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    Sadly I didn't see TE's big sale until they sold out of all of the sports bras in my size that fits my budget - but looking forward to seeing what they offer once they restock!

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    I just bought twice in the past 2 weeks from TE. Great sale stuff. Shipping is a bit more expensive because of Canada, and let's not talk about my 45% exchange rate I have to cough out more. But still worth it when I get sales at over 50%. I could no longer "afford bigger ticket items but things I got were at 75% off and it is stuff I knew for sizes, etc. So I stocked up for my next summer. Yeah.
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