Has anyone else been through one and have advice to share?

I broke my femur a year and a half ago, got an intramedullary nail put in. From the morning after my surgery, the lower half of my leg was rotated inwards, and my surgeon said over and over it was nothing to worry about. I had severe hip pain from trying to point my foot straight while walking, and a pronounced toe-in limp, and it just got worse and worse, so I finally went to see another surgeon. I have a 45 degree malrotation (got put back together wrong), and tomorrow morning I'm going in for a derotational osteotomy. This means they will take out the rod and pins from my femur, cut it in half below the original break, and put a new rod in. I'll be going through a broken femur all over again, but I'm not sure if/how it will differ from when I broke it the first time.

I'm hoping to be back on a bike by summer, but I don't know. I was still using a cane 4 months after my original break, and it was still longer before I could walk "fairly well." It was my broken femur that got me into biking - I had to use a stationary bike in my PT, and after that I wanted a "real" bike. I guess good came of it, but I hate to sacrifice my second summer of biking