Yes its rural area out here and though the traffic is getting tad heavier but nothing like the city. And many of you, NASCAR wanna be drivers, driving at very high speed on winding country road, you should slow down quite a bit.

Didn't you or can't you read the sign all over the place "high water". One of the road runs parallel to a creek and with the torrential down pour we have had, the water in the creek has been flowing down the road regularly for the past week or two. Some spots, its knee deep of fast running water. You insist on driving through it really fast to see how high you can splash the water with your car/truck. Let me just tell you, your car engine can ingest so much water that it can ruin your engine; you are hydroplaning and may end up crashing into one of many big trees on the side of the road, those trees are not going to move; you may run over a large rock and ruin your tire/wheels or worse yet flip your truck on its side. Or if you are really unlucky, your truck may get swept into the creek.

You are not happy because I'm going really slow through the water with very little splashing and driving really slow where the water isn't running on the road. I'm looking out for debris on the road so as not to damage my car. Road rage toward me isn't going to help.

Please slow down. Otherwise, you may be getting a Darwin Award.