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    Danger of e-cigarettes

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    In case you know someone who thinks it's not dangerous.
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    It's funny as yesterday I read in a newspaper that 2 different "serious" studies - can't recall which universities confirmed little danger and came up with numbers re. toxicity, etc vs real cigarettes. Wish I could remember if I read this in French or English. It was at work and I don't have access at home to the history of my internet or I'd put it here.

    I don't smoke and not sure I would fully trust e-cig. Hard to tell for now what is truly in there and if safer or not either.

    If I can find (no time now) that articles, I will post it here. But it was contrary to this one. I think it will be a never ending debate as well before we can prove if this "new" thing is safe or not.
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