I've been looking for a new shampoo recently and so far have not found anything I like. For years I used Pantene shampoo and conditioner, the regular "classic" version, and it's been fine. But earlier this year they added a strong new fragrance that I do not like. In general I don't like products with strong smells, and given the problems I have with skin allergies any new unnecessary ingredient raises concern that I'll end up covered in a rash.

The problem with products from large packaged-goods companies (like Pantene) is that they're always changing. So I decided to try some products that I think are more likely to remain the same over time, products made for babies and people with sensitive skin. So far I've tried two baby shampoos (Johnson & Johnson and California Baby) and two shampoos that are supposed to be free of common irritants (Free & Clear and Whole Foods 360). The J&J baby shampoo didn't clean my hair enough, and the others leave it very stripped, causing many strands of hair to end up on my hands instead of attached to my head. I've also tried the Free & Clear conditioner, but it's only so-so, leaving my hair kind of flat.

On and off I've been using a store-brand dandruff shampoo which is less hair-stripping, but not something I want to use every day. And it also has a strong smell.

I know there are plenty of organic plant-based shampoos out there, but I'm reluctant to try them because organic plants can still cause allergies. And this whole experience has been quite a waste of money -- shampoo is not inexpensive and most brands are not available in small travel/trial sizes. I'm trying to use up the products that I bought and didn't like, but given the way they cause my hair to come out I can't use them every day without going bald and having a perpetually clogged bathtub drain.

I saw an old thread here about people going shampoo-free, but I don't think I could get away with that. My hair is straight, not thin but not too thick either. I keep it short, about chin length. It used to be very oily so I'm in the habit of washing it every day; as I've grown older that is less of a problem but I still can't go more than two days without washing it.

Do you ladies have any favorite shampoos that I should try?