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    Repairing insect-damaged wool?

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    I think I have a carpet beetle problem. They've chewed on several things, but always repairable. This time they chomped on one of my Smartwool base layers, and go figure it was the one that wasn't black or gray. It's salvageable, I think, and since it's one of my favorite colors I think it's worth trying to save. Any suggestions?
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    you can darn or stitch the hole together. It never looks very good but it works. Make sure you get rid of the bugs.
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    As I recall, you are a knitter. Think of it like darning. It's a pain, but try to get as many of the little loops as possible so it doesn't run further after the repair. It won't be prefect, but it should be ok if you get thread that's close in color.
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