Hi there, ladies! I have a Trek 7.5FX hybrid and it's served me well over the past several years. I was looking for a "real" road bike in my search during 2013-2014. Then, we grew our family and cycling was pushed to the back burner, as I was pregnant and nursing and pumping around the clock. When I was looking for bikes in 2013-2014, I test rode and loved the Madone series. Well, now it looks like they discontinued that series, but for one very high-end bike. What are your thoughts on bikes with a similar feel?

About me: I do organized rides, but I ride for fun, not competition. I would eventually like to do a century ride. So far, my longest ride is 75 miles. On a hybrid, that's not easy. I'd like a true road bike for longer rides. I hate climbing. I would love a bike that could ride itself up hills. Does such a bike exist?

I am open to carbon, aluminum, whatever. I like the idea of a carbon frame, but I'm sure that an aluminum frame with a carbon fork is all that I need, given my riding style. I am not very knowledgeable about components. My friend got electronic shifters and I am definitely intrigued. But, that seems like a fancy "want" and not a "need." I would LOVE to buy a bike that is made in the USA, Canada, or Europe, to feel better about living wages and benefits being paid to the person who made my bike. But, I know that it is nearly impossible to do so with a budget under $5K.

I'd like to keep my purchase under $2,500, but if it's love, I will find a way to spend more. I am also open to purchasing a "past season" bike to save some money, since these baby people are kind of expensive to care for.

I'm looking forward to all of your advice!