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Thread: Sore down below

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    Sore down below

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    Hi can anyone help, My saddle is making me sore can anyone recommend a desent saddle.

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    a forum search (try 'saddle problems') will give you lots of good reading and advice on the subject
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    Saddles are a very personal thing. What works for me (SMP Glider, SMP Lite 209) might not work for you. Perhaps find a bike shop that offers loaners that you can take home and try for a week or two. Sometimes better quality saddles come with a comfort guarantee, so you can bring them back within a certain period of time if they don't work out for you.
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    Best saddles around, great customer service, easy return/demo policies. Try Cobb...

    Read this: http://www.cobbcycling.com/innie-or-outie/
    and then go here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn101 View Post
    Hi can anyone help, My saddle is making me sore can anyone recommend a desent saddle.
    Before you go out and purchase a new saddle for your bicycle something that can be both complicated and expensive.I’ll start by giving you some suggestions on how to make your current saddle more comfortable, then tell you how to measure your body and your saddle to see if the saddle you have now is a good fit for your body-type. If you determine that you do need a new saddle, I’ll tell you what characteristics to look for in a properly fitting bike saddle, and I’ll conclude by recommending a few of the most popular bike saddles currently on the market.




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