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    Mar 2007
    Troutdale, OR

    somebody switched the climate switch from hot hot extra hot to winter cool.

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    Two or so weeks ago, I was pouring sweat trying to work in the field (farm) and harvesting veggies. And now I'm wearing sweatshirt, my winter wool hat, insulated gloves to harvest. What ever happened to pleasant autumn cool and crisp nights? How can I enjoy a good watermelon when the air is crisp? or any varieties of melons I grow?

    The shorter days is also causing me to be more sluggish in the morning. Who wants to wake up in pitch black? too early go back to bed...
    And there is the seasonal weight gain that I absolutely hate hate HATE! Is it just me that my body wants to build up "reserve" for the winter and spring? i seem to have a hard time shedding the weight I gain in the fall come following year when the weather heats up into summer.

    Well, go back to setting up two greenhouses for winter growing. Woman's job is never done If a straight guy says that to me with a smirk, he might walk away with racoon face.

    I need a pick me up about now... but no energy drinks.

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    May 2008
    northern Virginia
    Just a week ago I wore a sleeveless jersey on a bike ride, but I knew it was probably my last ride this year with summery weather. Today it was 20 degrees cooler with possible rain so I wore wool and brought things like full finger gloves and toe covers just in case. And the leaves are turning yellow. I miss summer already!

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    Feb 2005
    Concord, MA
    No fall foliage here, yet, a bit behind. Right now it's 34 degrees in the center of town, although it's supposed to get up to 70. We are doing a ride up on the north shore, which we just pushed upour start time by a half hour, as it is probably not going to warm up quite as much there.
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    May 2007
    We're dealing with record highs here. Yuck. It shouldn't be 90+ degrees in September. Can't wait for things to cool down.

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    Sep 2009
    Tucson, AZ
    Arizona... where we're happy the nights have cooled down below 70 and the highs are not getting over 100... except maybe this coming Wednesday. It's our better riding season!
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    Nov 2007
    Western Canada-prairies, mountain & ocean
    Now still trying to get away with cycling in long walking shorts when I cycle up to the farmers' market to buy heavy loads of fresh veggies and fruit. The only good thing about weather so far is that at least it hasn't rained for past 2 wks. (or barely) when the temperatures have dropped. The tree colour is turning golden, but it's a dryish yellow because lack of rain. I start cycling off to work early morning @5 degrees C with temp that have climbed to 13-20 degrees C in past few days.

    Some friends went hiking in Canadian Rockies last weekend : it did snow about 2-3 cm.
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