So I'm getting back to serious cycling after a 6 year hiatus (kids). Rather, I should say, I have intentions to get back to it. You see, I'm recovering from an arthroscopic hip surgery (FAI/labrum tear) that I had less than a month ago. AND my PT only will let me ride a stationary bike at Level 1 for 10 min every other day.

But what am I doing? icing, resting, and doing dumb PT exercises all while reading about Tris, fantasizing about tris, surfing the web for info on tris, and generally rekindling my addictive personality towards this sport. In my mind, I'm ready for an Ironman.

Another piece of fun: I've never done a triathlon! I've done bike races (century), and I've run a bunch of short races, but stopped short of a marathon this past spring when my hip gave out. (got up to 18 miles and I was pulled from the ranks )

Anyway, I know I'm crazy. But hey. It takes a dash of crazy to do this, right?