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    Ugh…this stuff all scares me when I think about potentially having kids!! I would like to let my kids do things like play outside and walk/bike to school (provided we live where this is feasible) and not have scheduled activities every minute of every day, but it seems like society is doing its best to prevent such things. When there are cases where the cops get called on someone for letting their kids play IN THEIR OWN YARD without the parent right there (and I would bet that the parent is keeping an eye out through the window while getting other things done), something is seriously wrong. It also seems like some parents get so wrapped up in their kids that they forget about who they are and their other interests, which doesn't seem healthy for either the parents or the kids. How do we fix this?
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    Sigh. I've recently taught as an adjunct at a local university in a paralegal program. The class I taught was in the final year, so they've been in the program for a while and are ready to go into the job market. The assignments were very watered down, hypothetical assignments that I'd give paralegals in our office. A few students really excelled and thanked me after the class for the real-life world experience. About half of the class complained that the work was too hard, I didn't give them the answers, etc. I had one student to whom I gave a B (I really wanted to give him a C, but I was concerned that maybe it was too harsh) tell me he wasn't a B student and I needed to change the grade to an A. When I pointed out everything he missed and that it looked like he spent maybe 10 minutes on the project he admitted that was all true, but said that he is still an A student so he needed the grade adjusted. It all made very me sad because those people will not be prepared for a real job in their chosen profession. Fifteen years ago I was a graduate assistant who worked with students, etc. in a similar program and I can tell a definite difference between the "entitlement" of the students from then to now.



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