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    Newbie looking for a bike.

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    Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here, looking to buy my first bike!! Because its my first bike, I don't want to spend too much on it. I found two on craigslist. One is a Motobecane Nomade 50cm Road Bike (asking price is $155; 27 inch tires and 10-speed) the other is a Lotus Brand Road Bike (Asking price is $220; 27"1/8 specialized tire. 23" Frame,12 Speed). Are either of these bike worth the price that they are asking, and are they good starting bikes?
    Thank you!!

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    as much as i like french bikes the nomade has french threading which can make parts harder to get. the lotus was probably made in japan and is a brand that those into vintage bikes like to buy. More info on the lotus is needed to price it. some were made by Cinelli in the mid 80's and that price would be excellent if it was in very good condition....less than 220 if it isn't. ride them before you choose and see how they handle and fit (as already said 23 is a large bike).....and lift the bike and spin the wheels to see how the hub bearings feel which will give you an idea of how it has been maintained. Both probably need to be looked at by someone who knows bike mechanics
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