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    Extremely Lucky Cyclists

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    I've watched this about 10 times now, and still don't know how these guys didn't even get knocked off their bicycles. Not sure where this happened, but it's absolutely incredible to watch...

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    ! That's all Ican say.

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    I've got to say ... that reflex to swerve when we ought to brake ... even I catch myself doing that. I don't think they teach it in drivers' ed at all. It's not so much of an issue on two wheels - where looking for escape routes and swerving is the better option much more often than it is in a wider vehicle - even in the drills they do put you through in the MSF course, it's a matter of the instructor directing you at the last second to either swerve or brake, not teaching you how to make that decision yourself. I see it soooo often, I've been in situations at least a dozen times where the only reason that *didn't* happen is because it was one car swerving into the path of an oncoming car that had enough shoulder to swerve in turn, rather than the situation in this video, where the oncoming semi just had no place to go and no time to do it in. There's got to be a way to practice that emergency decision tree, but I don't know what it is.

    Just, I'm glad those two made it out unscathed, and I hope the truck drivers did too.
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