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    Advice on used Specialzed Vita Sport please

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    Hi all,

    I am new to the forum and looking forward to connecting with you all!
    I was at the local bike shop and priced a 2015 Specialized Vita for $520
    On Craigslist someone is selling a 2013 Specialized Vita Sport $500.
    She sent a copy of original receipt and paid $620 for it 2 years ago. The Vita Sport currently retails for $700
    The bike has only been ridden once according to owner and stored in perfect condition.
    What do you think is a fair price to offer for this bike?
    its is a 2013 (now almost 3 years old since 2016's are coming out soon)
    I know its the sport which is a slightly higher end bike, but I still think the price is bit high and would love input.
    Thanks in advance!

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    the bicycle blue book prices it at 372 to 382 in like new condition....whether or not there are variables, where you live, how many are for sale etc. that's at least one reference point.
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    In my experience, having tested and bought several bikes on Craig's list, there is usually a reason that someone buys a bike and only rides it once, and the bike is rarely in the "mint condition" that the seller claims. In at least two instances, a test ride revealed that the rider was so inexperienced with shifting that they managed to bung up things badly enough that a trip to the bike shop would be required to adjust the derailleurs (possibly even more). and too, the bike shop is just THRILLED when you bring in your craigslist bike to be fixed instead of buying it from them. It doesn't sound like it would be much of a savings for you in the first place, and then you would have to pay to have the first tune up that bikes typically need shortly after purchase (the first tune up is usually free from the shop)

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    Ask your bike shop about any even older Vitas or similar they might have. If they have a 2014, for example, if you buy it "new" the lifetime frame warranty applies. If you buy the used Sport, you might get a great bike, but no warranty.

    I ride a 2015 Vita Elite - best investment in health and fitness I've ever made. The fit needs to be right for you, so if ANYthing about the used one is "off," go for the newer one even if it's lower end. Upgrades can happen.



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