Bit of back story...last time I was on a bike was about 20 years ago. It was a hire bike, my boyfriend at the time was insistent we had to go that day...they only had mens saddles left on the bikes. My body remembers that day so badly
I grew up with girls bikes...always wanted a BMX. Always got bought the ladies/girls bikes...with the room for the basket either at the front or the back *sniff*. But the last time I was regularly riding that was about 14. I am now 37 >_<

Fast forward a bit....dumped said boyfriend, added a husband, 5 kids and a couple of clothes sizes.

My husband spent years before I met him mountain biking. He has done the West Highland Way here in Scotland on his bike and a number of other trails he has mentioned in his tales but I don't know them and can't remember. So I have good support in him in getting going with the bike and basic skills etc. He also built himself a bike, so he is good with maintenance too. He has spent a good few years off his bike so we are getting used to the bikes together, but obviously he has much more recent experience than me. He helped me choose a bike from Halfords (Carrera Vengeance). Didn't want to go OTT until I got into it and I was honestly scared after my last experience on a bike.

We went out on a 20 minute 'ride' last night, once himself had built it and once the kids had helped me re-learn how to ride a bike. Never thought I would be cheered on by my 6 year old for bike riding *shrug*.

Not all of that time was spent on the bike. Some of it was me trying to figure out how gears work. Getting up a hill. Working out whether we should turn back sooner rather than over doing it and putting me off. Him explaining that my bike is a mountain bike and that 'bumps' are 'ok' to ride over. I did go over one as well...well pleased with myself

So you wouldn't get a bet on me asking about the saddle. I am a bit sore this morning, but not enough for it to put me off. I am actually desperate for himself to get home from work so we can go another run. I really enjoyed it. I got back the fun aspect I had as a kid when riding.

I know its not going to be comfortable to start with. I knew it was going to be uncomfortable as soon as I sat on the bike. Is there any advice on a time frame I should wait before looking for/into another saddle. I know there needs to be time for my backside to adjust to riding. Himself wasn't sure as his anatomy and experience is quite different.

I did pick up some padded cycling shorts (AFTER the ride...*genius*). I think they are road shorts actually. However I am not small, they make me hugely self conscious but they are very comfy just putting them on. I just don't think I could get anything baggy over the top of them.
I hate clothes. My proportions are all over the shop. The riding should help with that of course but its getting through the beginning parts isn't it?

He is already planning trips to Grizdale and the Borders. But at the point he mentioned the West Highland way I had to reign him back a bit!

Any and all advice, stories, experiences are welcome.

I am really looking forward to being confident enough to ride with the kids (aged 3 - 16). I didn't want to get left behind when he took them out on the bikes. My youngest is getting her first bike soon (ordered with mine). She is so excited about her stabilisers

Cheers for reading this far