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Thread: Just Starting

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    Just Starting

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    I just started cycling recently. I generally go out every night and do 12-18 miles, but I signed up for a 55 mile ride in September and I am wondering what is the best way to prepare for it. Also, how important is it to have shoes for cycling?

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    It's very important to have shoes for cycling - otherwise you might stub your toes on the downstroke (sorry, I couldn't resist!).

    Cycling shoes are stiffer than regular shoes and therefore you expend less energy to get more oomph. A good thing if you're going to ride 55 miles. Clipless pedals are the gold standard, but you may not want to invest until you decide that you love cycling.

    To ride 55 miles, you should increase each week's mileage by 10%, until you can ride 40-45 miles in one outing. Adrenaline will carry you the final 10 - 15 miles - unless you're very out of shape and/or it's hot, uphill, etc. Try to ride at least part of the 55 mile course that you'll be riding, if possible.

    You'll get lots of tips if you go through the postings on this board. Good luck!
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