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Thread: Bend Oregon

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    Bend Oregon

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    We were scheduled to do a tour in Bend this weekend, but since my little run in with a truck, I'm not going to be able to participate on the actual tour. I'm thinking about bringing the tadpole trike and finding some trails. I see there is a Deschutes River trail, which appears to be gravel. I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with the area and the trail, and if it is the sort of trail one might ride a tadpole trike on (nicely packed gravel, regular surface etc...) Any other trails/points of interest?

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    I think I would go for the Benham Falls trail if you want a trail. Depending on how far you want to drive, there are lots of places outside the city. Most gravel though will also have sand since it is a desert. I live 17 miles from there.
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