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    Noise Issue - Cyclops Fluid 2 in my apartment

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    I've been using my Cyclops Fluid 2 for a while now in an apartment with no noise complaints from the neighbour downstairs. I've got a Cyclops noise deadening rubber mat over carpet and a trainer tire on.

    However, I've just moved to another apartment in the same building and my other downstairs neighbour has said that the noise is really loud. I'm still using a Cyclops noise deadening rubber mat over carpet and the trainer tire. I know this neighbour well, so I know that he's not being unreasonable. Our building is old and has floors that creak. So maybe it's the vibrations that are causing the noise versus the trainer.

    I'm not sure what I can do to minimise the noise. I don't want to stop riding on the trainer, but obviously I can't continue if it's disturbing other people.

    Has anyone any suggestions for anything I could buy to minimise the noise? I'm based in the UK.

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    The problem is likely vibrations from the creaky floor. The suggestion to try and do it when your neighbor is at work or away is probably the easiest solution outside of moving. You could also have an interactive experiment with your neighbor by moving it to different areas to see if that solves it.
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    I've been looking into sound-deadening layers to install under the new wood floor that I hope to get in my condo later this summer. Apparently cork is good for that. Maybe you could get a piece (the same size as the mat) from a place that sells and installs floors?

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    I'd bet Catrin is right. I don't suppose you'd be able to blow in some insulation or spray foam between your floor and his ceiling where you put the trainer?
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    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Forgot I had posted here, so only seeing this now. Apologies for not coming back to you sooner.

    To answer the questions asked: I can't move downstairs or outside. I love my new flat, so moving isn't an option for now. My neighbour's and my hours of work are similar. Putting spray foam / insulation down isn't feasible. Am considering cork board / MDF or something like that. I may move the bike into my large bathroom which is over the corridor below versus people's apartments and try it there first. Bit of a pain in the arse, but might be the only sensible option.



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