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    Quote Originally Posted by rebeccaC View Post
    encourage her creativity shootingstar.

    Bodice rippers…wasn’t that usually a handsome, powerful and wealthy male and lots of non-consensual sex, which becomes consensual and everything ends in bliss…repeat....now....she succumbs to lust and falls into loving arms is better I’m sure there were some well-written ones and probably worst written ones for those who like that.

    My first erotica book was finding anais nin’s delta of venus at my grandmothers. I follow a few erotica blogs/writers/zines/comics. A month or so ago i re-read stacey donovan’s ‘dive’ which was probably the first one I connected with as a teen….a cousin gave it to me.

    Lots of well-written erotica to read and include into a good conversation shootingstar.

    eta..and nothing wrong with carrying around a hard copy of harry potter and the philosopher's stone everywhere for a few days.....
    We need a "like" button for posts. I like this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by salsabike View Post
    I'm wondering if shootingstar was feeling sad because her niece, who not all that long ago lost her mother, was yearning for happy endings, after such a big loss for them both.
    Thanks for helping me make that connection, Salsabike.

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    This year, a filmmaker will be releasing a documentary about the genre of romance writing and the people (many women) who write them. This is an article that talks about it: http://www.macleans.ca/society/why-r...iterary-world/ Article says it's an area where women dominate in creativity..which might tend to be downgraded like some other disciplines where women traditionally dominate. For instance, is the genre as "low" as a violent shooting suspense novel, etc.?

    Best for now with my niece is to keep the doors of communication open. She is 30 yrs. old by the way. So ask yourself, if you were 30, would you want a pesky aunt inquiring all the time?

    I know she got into this about 2 yrs. ago or so. She also found out I had a blog shortly after my sister died because I started to notify family members occasionally when I published a new blog post. She also has an aunt on her father's side who was assistant editor for a major national newspaper for the publishing industry.

    Sure, this is a woman who presented scientific papers to conference rms. full of men...many her father's age. (She complained to me....) Her father is assistant professor of engineering at a major university. I last heard that she has not shown her father the novels she has written. Probably embarrassed.

    Related to writing and happy endings: My blog coincidentally tends to focus on positive stuff that I've seen/experienced too. I don't use it to rant a lot nor air all my problems with family and friends. I do want to leave a good digital footprint legacy..primarily for family, good friends...it reflects some of the best of me. It also makes me feel good, for days when I'm in a bad mood or someone has told me I'm in a bad mood. My immediate thought now is: You have no idea: my blog shows something better of me. I too, want happy endings / happy thoughts for others and of myself too. Is that deluding myself?

    I don't care except that the Internet is full of strangers. Being always negative about loved ones is bound to bite back.

    ***If anyone is interested in her free romance stories...pm me.
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