I was hit by a huge truck while riding on the Centennial trail on Wednesday. Broken ribs, unbelievable amount of pain and swelling over most of the left side of my body, and I am one unhappy camper. I just cancelled my STP registration and have my finger hovering over the cancel button for a tour in Idaho in August.

I was hit while riding through an area of the trail that runs through kind of an industrial area. The truck was in the driveway for one of the businesses. I stopped, made eye contact with the driver and assumed he was waiting for me to cross. By the time I was half way across the cross walk, he'd decided to pull out. I was screaming, "Hey! hey! hey! as his grill continued to loom closer and closer on my left side, and I remember thinking, I don't friggin believe it! as the grill made contact with my torso. Jump cut in consciousness, and I am writhing and bellowing in the street with the wind knocked out of me. I remember sirens and somebody running up with a chair, because I had started to get up, because I didn't want to lie back on the busy road like I was belatedly directed to do. The EMTs insisted that I needed to go to the hospital, where it was determined that if I was seriously injured, I would be in more pain. An officer came in and took my statement and tried to insinuate the accident was my fault because he didn't think I had the right of way. (pretty sure I did) He also said that I had caused an awful lot of damage to the truck, but my bike (the Bacchetta Bellandare) didn't appear to be damaged at all! (The back wheel had been run over and wasn't really rolling any more when we picked it up) .
I've had two days to reflect on it, and I am getting angrier and angrier by the minute. It could have been so much worse, though. If I'd been riding my tadpole trike, which is way lower than the bellandare, he would have rolled over me and crushed my body. If I'd been riding the tricross, I would have been higher off the ground and being violently flung to the ground would have done more damage to me.