Who's running?

I'm going through my usual thing ... as much as I want to carry my marathon fitness forward into the summer, as usual I'm late getting my garden in, and that's taking most of my physical energy this week. Got out today for a quick five miles, first run since Wednesday. We had a brutal heat wave earlier this week too, which didn't help my desire to run - storm's about to blow through and take it down to some more seasonable temperatures.

As usual, as soon as I find a shoe I can wear, they discontinue them. I've tried on the replacement, and while there's a lot that seems improved, they're for someone with way higher volume feet than mine - they won't even close around my ankles and insteps. This time it wasn't too late, so I ordered FOUR pairs of the old version from retailers that still had them in stock. These aren't as durable as some shoes I've owned, but they should last me into next year anyway.

Your turn!!