Getting my prescription into wrap arounds has always been a challenge - my last pair (Smiths) were a custom job done by the nice guy in Colorado who will hand grind your lenses down to fit into a wrap frame, but great news! Oakley has a much wider availability now!

I stopped into the optometrist the other day to get a new nose pad for a pair of my glasses and left having ordered a brand new pair of prescription Oakley cycling glasses! They only had one sales person there that night and it was taking kind of a long time, so I was wandering around waiting for my repair and I stumbled over the kid's display - lo and behold there were Oakley "Quarter Jackets" on the rack. The frame fit was great so I hazarded to ask if would be possible to now get my prescription in there too - I don't have an extreme correction, but my face is small and my inter pupillary distance is very narrow, so in the past they've always said not possible - but now YES! they've not only introduced a smaller frame, they've refined their lens technology too. I picked them up on Friday and they are sweet. They don't look like much, the frame is pretty minimalist, but there's a lot of engineering in there. They don't fog up, but still channel the wind away from your eyeball quite well. They are expensive… but so were the custom ones. I got transitions as usual so that I don't have to have more than one lens.

If you've not been able to get Oakleys in the past and have coveted them ask again - you might just be able to now.