Hello to all indoor cycling enthusiasts,

We are a game development team and we consider this our next project...

The idea is fairly simple… I was pedaling following one of the spinning videos from youtube, and I’ve found myself tightening and loosening the resistance knob a lot… breaking the immersion.
So I started thinking about a way of making this automated, compared with what some treadmills or magnetic bicycles are already doing. From this idea, evolved to a lot more interesting
features that could be implemented by having the bike running on his own.
On this video I'll show you the process that I have followed to “Rig” my bike and forget about having to turn that annoying knob.

For more details, you can visit our website: www. spinningcontroller.com/

We are looking to gather as many backers as possible so we can release our crowdfunding campaign and make this project possible

Please tell us what you think about our project.