I was so excited with a cheap cheap laser printer I found at Newegg, under $30.00 so I bought two wtih free shipping. Came late yesterday. So last night got my grubby little hands on the printer. Second one is going to my farm.

Just a minor thing with the setup but overall install went really easy. Price was cheap but the build is not cheap at all. It's pretty good. Size of the printer is really good. And prints fast and quality of the print was good. So I'm chuffed.

Printer is still available at www.newegg.com. product is Pantum P2502W. Even if you can't get a replacement toner cartridge, its still cheaper than printing on inkjet. I'm glad I got two.

The other really nice thing is that printer has a built in WiFi with no security, WEP or WPA/WPA2. So it can be placed almost anywhere and it only needs the power plug. If you don't have wifi then it does have USB cable.

What a deal and a find.