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    That's what we have :-) Except it's a Friday. Factor in that binge drinking is the cultural norm here. Our Christmas parties are... memorable. (And yes, do lead to trouble sometimes).
    Winter riding is much less about badassery and much more about bundle-uppery. - malkin

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    I'd definitely go if alcohol was involved, that would be hilarious!

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    We don't give gifts, but we do have an annual party at someone's house around the holidays (or lunch at a restaurant). We usually do a cookout at some point in the summer. No pressure, no stress, it is nice. Sometimes there is some booze involved but very small amounts. I've yet to see anyone get close to drunk. We seem to have found a nice balance, and hopefully we can keep that.

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    That's too bad you gotta gift like this.

    We have our exchange this coming Friday. We limit to 20$ and there was a draw so you know who you picked. And also, we had a Word document that all those involved had access to and could indicate 3 gifts we'd like to receive. Not mandatory for them to purchase what we wrote but it gives them an idea. Some just put store cards (like Starbucks). That is not fun. I like to shop (online if needed) to find the perfect gift. Go through "some" trouble to dig something fun.

    I picked a woman who wanted wine, nail polish or barrettes. I was not going for wine, nail polish is too standard...but but but...I shopped in stores in the mall where I work (I work on 28th floor) but there is a huge shopping center on main floor. Nothing I like and barrettes are so rare (unless you get them from drugstore - in the hair department). Sooooo. I went on line and ended up getting something handmade from Hawaii. Seaglass pair of barrettes. The lady made it for me and even if it took 3 weeks to get to me, she will get a very nice gift. So nice that I just ordered a different colour for me. hihi Yes I spent a tad more due to shipping but I did not care. That is what I wanted. If it was not for shipping, I was in the right price bracket. But Hawaii to Montreal, plus the $ exchange (which we are losing a lot at we pay a 16% difference now), the shipping is what it is.

    As for me, I asked for cycling socks, Berger lamp oil or nail polish or jewelry. I've put links so they know what cycling socks are in case someone who got my name does not know what to look for.

    I'm sure I will be happy with what I got. They might not go through all the "trouble" I went through but that is ok. I'm a bit excessive when it gets to giving. I like original stuff. No way I'm going to get a gift certificate...unless that person gives me no choice.



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