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    When I forget to turn it on. Once I am cold I am cold and I have a hard time warming myself up without moving around...which I am not doing if I am trying to sleep. I pretty much freeze once I stop biking, x-country skiing this time of year so I pretty much do not stop until I get back to the car or back to home.

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    Sunbeam BW1213-030-470 Heated Electric Microplush Blanket queen size is the latest best electric blanket brand known to me so far.. It has exclusive warming system senses and adjusts to deliver consistent warmth.. This blanket is very soft. It feels like 2 thin blankets with the heating wires between them. It has a lightweight feel, but heats up very quickly and keeps us both warm throughout the night even at a low setting..

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    I realise that this is a bit of an older thread, but I would advise any new readers coming across this to stay away from electric blankets. I would stick to a duvet, and if desired, put a hot water bottle at the bottom of your bed to warm up where your feet will be before you go to bed.

    The reason I say stay away from electric blankets is because the electricity will actually interfere with sleep quality. Electromagnetic fields interrupt your body's natural phases of sleep. I came across this because I was having serious insomnia problems and went to two sleep clinics to get some answers. Along with encouraging me to have a very strict sleep routine, the obviously told me to eliminate caffiene intake after 3pm, do not eat and especially don't drink any alcohol past 8pm, exercise and heated activities (like a hot bath or shower) should not be performed within 2 hours of going to bed to allow heart rate and body temperature to return to a natural resting state (note: the heated blanket will increase heart rate with body temperature - ideal sleeping temperature is 68F or 20C). They also cautioned to remove all electronics from my bedroom, and proceeded to explain to me how this affects sleep. Coming from a generation that uses thier phone for everything, it was my alarm and was always within arms reach. Apparently this is a terrible practice for a healthy sleep routine.

    Everyone is different and so are their sensitivities. Ultimately do what works best for you, but keep in mind that even if you are warm, if it is going to keep you awake or reduce your quality of sleep, it is probably not worth it.

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