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    Former Student Visits

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    I get a lot of my former students dropping by to visit. Yesterday it was one of my kiddos from 5 years ago. He was a real mess when he came to me, lots of office referrals and suspensions in third and fourth grade, but so bright! Something just clicked for him in 5th grade. I was on his case a lot and didn't put up with any of his sh!t. I didn't send him to the office or suspend him, just kept reminding him of my expectations and that I knew he could meet them. You know... a typical lack of empathy. He's a sophomore now, on the football team, getting As and Bs in his college prep classes. Woohoo for him! I'm so happy he's got it together. And he's so tall! He was at my shoulder as a fifth grader and now I come up to his chin.

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    Best part of teaching.
    One time, 2 girls who were seniors came to visit. I had them in sixth grade, my first year in the last district I worked in. They said to me, "How could you stand us? We were terrible to you, and we are sorry."
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    Getting acknowledged by a client was the best part of my job, too. I bet that made you feel warm all over.
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    I really enjoy it when I see former students. A few weeks ago, I finished a long supported ride and went to pick up lunch (provided by the organizers). A young woman helping behind the table called out to me and reintroduced herself- she was volunteering and getting into cycling, and exciting for me as a science teacher- getting interested in ecology and sustainable agriculture. She had been an excellent student and reminded me of a bunch of other kids from her class. She came out to hug me and I asked her to get in touch again - although I'm not sure she will.

    Another kid came by recently- formerly one who just didn't thrive in middle school and he was dressed in his ROTC uniform and had gotten himself turned around and focused. (Weird to hear the "yes ma'am's" from him though...)

    I taught on an Indian reservation for 6 years and a few years ago one of my former students ended up moving out to my current district where her kids were enrolled in my school. She had been very snippy as a high school freshman/sophomore and apologized to me for her behavior to me.
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    I visited a former teacher only once -- we moved a lot, so it wasn't really feasible to go back to the schools I'd attended. But this thread makes me glad I took the time for at least one visit!



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