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    The thing that makes me happy is being thankful. If I'm feeling down, I have learned that thinking of all the good things I have in my life really helps. Music also makes me happy. Playing guitar with my dbf makes me really happy.
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    What an excellent topic!
    I agree with some of many others' thoughts. I work hard at maintaining a positive energy, and my work includes taking antidepressants as prescribed. That I'm on them still bothers me (If I was really a spiritual evolved person I wouldn't need these...), but it is what it is, and they help. Prayer and thankfulness makes me happy. Riding my bike also does - love those endorphins! Spending time with my partner, friends, and family members, as well as discovering new friends - very happy. It's not my place to judge others, including those who are chronically unhappy and/or negative, but I can't spend a lot of time around such people. Let's go for a ride!
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    Success at being cheap or rather as someone pointed to me, "being thrifty" makes me happy.

    Recent acquisition of a farm has required me to acquire farm equipment but also some office related items. Desk, chair, white board to keep track of planting schedule and a computer...

    A WiFi 801b/g/n router (high end one) died at my house. It didn't hurt to try fixing since it was already dead. I actually managed to repair the darn thing with 50cent part. That made me smile/happy. We did buy a backup one for cheap. $20 for 300Mbit/sec with WiFi and 4 port switch. yeah for black Friday.

    Obviously need a computer for my farm. I was ready to buy a new one but the sticker shock. So went to my computer junk bin and found a laptop my father used before his Alzheimer and his eventual death few years ago. I managed to powerup and its XP. WiFi is dead on it Ethernet seems okay. USB is okay so off loaded data. It's going to be reloaded with Linux. so yipee didn't have to spend any money. Just hour or two of my time and I have clean computer.

    Thank goodness for black Friday. Managed to pick up a very nice 24" monitors for less than $100 each. That sale went on midnight. When I woke up in the morning it was sold out. Early bird at midnight helped.

    More black friday or rather cyber Monday stuff. Picked up two monochrome laser printer with 1200 x 1200 DPI with WIFI connection for less than $30 each. I thought about this and realized that it is cheaper than buying inkjet cartridge for our Artisian printer. After the toner runs out, could throw away the printer and still be ahead. Chances are pretty good that that will happen as the toner cartridge seems next to impossible to find.

    So I bought two 24" monitors, and two laser printers, a backup WiFi/router for well under $300.00. No computer needed. I'm happy being cheap.

    Oh and I found a supplier for flourescent grow lights at less than $3.00 for 4ft, high output, T5 tubes, with color temperature of 6500K and 4000lumens I think it was. Normal price is anywhere from $6.00 to $25.00. pretty good deal so I'm happy.

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    Small details can make such a big difference.

    A couple of years ago, I was in a grocery store on Long Island, NY on Christmas Eve. I noticed they were selling wall calendars with photos of various light houses around the island. I bought it and hung it up in my cube at work. All the photos were taken by the same photographer, and I noticed a website on the back cover, where I could order other calendars, photos, etc. from him.

    Last week I ordered a 2015 calendar and a package of greeting cards from his website. They arrived today in the mail. The photographer included a handwritten note to thank me for my order and wish me happy holidays. So nice!

    p.s. www.ralphjr.com
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