So just recently, I was able to buy a farm. Hope to make a modest income from it. Farm has a house on it too so now I have two houses and all paid for. I don't have a pension and not sure what social security will be when I reach the magic number. It keeps going up. Anyway, I always loved gardening and it just got out of hand so I don't see "working" on a farm as work. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time. No terrible commute. I'm okay with getting soaking wet from the rain in the cold. Roasted from the hot sun in middle of the summer. My worries these days is will I make it in vegetable (row crop) farming? Running a truck farm aka market farm.
Hope you stay healthy will do that but hard work too. Maybe one day soon you'll have a market stall or supply to a restaurant or 2? My partner's son, bought his greens for sandwich shop, from a small farmer who had a stall beside his at the weekly farmers' market.

I haven't quite reached burning retirement envy yet --even though my partner has retired for awhile. We'll see when my closest friends around my age take early retirement. 1-2 of them are eligible within the next 3 years or less.

Because I've had some periods of long unemployment, maybe it's because I appreciate some extra change ..