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    Just my immediate family with their spouses and children = 20 people. So what is "big" can be "small" or normal to someone else. I enjoy dinner-party together. Sadly, we won't be able to do it.. So a family party I've always enjoyed and treasured. But then, we have family members that don't detest one another.

    Last time I went to a wedding shower or baby shower was well over 25 yrs. ago. I've moved twice and lived in 3 different Canadian provinces. Those who I care for and would go (despite, I agree, cutesy annoying games at the event), are spread out all over Canada. It ends up being the wedding itself or seeing the baby long (months or years), after birth.

    I've never been invited/invited myself to a wedding/baby shower for work colleagues at work (because that's the event site where they have been)....95% of them, I don't know them much at all. I've worked for over 9 different employers in past 30 years. So I reached a point a long time ago, being selective who I want to socialize, even if superficially. Once I leave the employer, in most cases, those acquaintances are no longer part of my radar. It's just the way it is...

    As for cycling acquaintances, it helps to know a few faces. Deepest friendships I have ..are those who know me well enough, outside of cycling activities/events.

    The right parties are great for creating positive vibes or wishing a loved one well.
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    Fortunately, most of the parties I get invited to are music parties where we sit around and play music. In fact, for a long time, ALL the parties I went to were music parties and I felt very strange going to parties that were just "sit around and talk" parties.

    I enjoy having dinner with a small group but not parties with a lot of people I don't know.
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