Really chuffed to see a recumbent section mostly for women. I belong to two other recumbents web site. Not too crazy about one and other one is very cordial. Maybe we can get this one going a bit more and spread the word out on recumbents and trikes.

I ride a super heavy duty trike (ez-3). It's a truck in terms of weight and handling so looking for something lighter. EZ-3 gives me a really hard work out

I really would like a Cattrike Pocket since its about the only one out there that will fit me. Rest are wayy too big. I've been designing and building my own velomobile (trikes/recumbents) with full fairing/body. It's an on and off project for sometime. I've got too many other things going and there is only one of me.

Well, nice to see others ride a recumbent. And yes they are comfortable. I ride one because I can't afford any more crashes with head injuries. It's kind of hard to fall over on a trike. And even if you do, your head is so much closer to the ground.

Very cool!! Maybe I'll post more often here to get attention of other ladies here. I love trikes and recumbents.