I want to buy a kiddie trailer for the bicycle. I looked on Craigslist.org and there are many types of used trailers. I have no clue what to even look for in a used trailer or if it is even worth buying a used trailer rather than a new one.

Although my 38 year old daughter only has one child who will be one on December 11 (Oh where does the time go?), I would bet my bottom dollar they may have another baby within the next two years. So I guess the only thing I do know is I would like to buy one that holds two children. The trailer is for me! I do daycare for her two days one week. The MIL and I alternate Fridays. I usually take my grandson for a stroller ride but I think a bike ride would be a lot of fun, too. The other grandma had a knee replacement so she doesn't do stroller rides or bike riding.

Thanks for any advice! And if anyone in the Twin City Minnesota area has one for sale, let me know! I would trust someone on TE rather than Craigslist!